Versace is a very well-known fashion brand throughout the planet and it has showcased its latest RTW fall collection for the year 2016. Show was held on 17th March, 2016 in Milan during Milan Fashion Weeks.

Versace is a brand that focused on a manageable as well as lean silhouette for fashion lovers. Collection emphasized on those dresses that have long-sleeved with trendy ribbed gauntlets. This combination totally looked like a stunning one. Audience totally loved this fall collection by Versace for the year 2016.


Hot girl’s wardrobe malfunction in a sexy dress always goes viral on social media and the related collection by any designer becomes about that malfunctioning. That is called the world of today. Anything special related to models including the “oops” moment becomes the highlight and passes for oven-hot news. These moments totally embarrass the model and then minimizing the related collection. This entire situation is particularly of shame because recently on 17th March 2016, Versace has showed the latest and fresh beauty of a collection.

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This collection by Versace is smart as well as strong one. Venues have been moved by the brand as the old venue was palazzo on Via Gesù and this venue is considered as the comfort zone for the designer. New venue is vast and stunning space building as it inspired the designer more than that of the previous one. Versace mentioned during a backstage interview that this place is more appealing and comfortable than previous venues.


Versace greatly emphasized and paid attention to day clothes or everyday look to a degree that is very unprecedented. Designer named this very collection for fall 2016 as “Urban Glam.”  According to the designer, this very collection is meant to be for the contemporary woman who uses to wear a pea coat (a dress with stunning long sleeves). Such a woman can be both seductive as well as strong. During a meeting of Versace with some Italian journalists, it was highlighted that the collection by Versace is not about making any change to the world. She mentioned that this collection is aimed in terms of woman empowerment. She just wants to make woman feel strong and make her to believe in herself.

Versace paid attention on a lean and at the same time, manageable attires. She also emphasized on those dresses that have long sleeves. Skinny pants can be seen in this collection and these pants flared slightly especially above ankle. Coated jersey is also there in order to give city-slick kind of look to woman. Plus, an athletic inspiration is also seen running throughout the collection in a neatly polished ruggedness of each and every coat.

Focus on jersey along with ergonomic seaming is also complementing the collection. Some outfits are also having cross-stitching on them. All the outfits are beautifully designed and detailed. Primary colors are: black, pink, white, navy blue and light blue. Hidden zippers and prints are also used by Versace. Models came on ramp in kitten heel because these heels were totally dazzling the look of these dresses.