Top Three Happening Fashion Events in USA:

The major metropolitan in USA are going through a season of fashion festivity…..Have a look at some of the latest auspicious ongoing fashion events!!!!!

Fashion events enjoy a unique and special place in the vogue circles. The idea of arranging fashion events has received warm reception from the glamorous and stylized contemporary societies all around the globe. The recent times have witnessed the zenith of the fashion industry. Howbeit, with the passage of time, the continued growth and prosperity of this industry have taken fashion world to new unimaginable heights.

Specifically, fashion events are the shows, arranged by the fashion designers of the area with the objective of displaying their upcoming clothing lines. Mostly, the shows are held biannually that is Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. It is these fashion events that set the mood for the latest trendy wears. It is an interesting fact to note that a large portion of this grandeur success of the fashion sector is attributed to these events, happening every now and then, in various corners of the world.


United States of America is a specially blessed country in this regard. The region is responsible for the creation of some of the weirdest and craziest fashion trends. With the beginning of the New Year, some of the major metropolitan of the country are witnessing fashion galas. This article is an attempt on the part of the writer to provide readers with the latest information on the ongoing  fashion events in USA. Take a look at the details to plan a visit to your favorite fashion destination!!!

Top Three Happening Fashion Events in USA


New York Fashion Week:

Carrying the title of being the world’s first organized fashion week, initially known by Press Week, the New York Fashion Week returns to the town with all its glitz and glamour, allowing the designers to exhibit their new and upcoming fashion lines. The event is on the go from the 11 February, 2016 to 18 February, 2016. It is no myth to state that NYFW is the most celebrated and renowned fashion show along with London, Paris and Milan. The show is not graced by the mere presence of the fashion elites in the society; rather buyers, general public and media are all the attendees to witness the latest and exciting work of the new talent pitched against industry top labels. This time NYFW is arranged at three different location including Skylight at Moynihan Station, MADE at Milk Studios and Skylight Clarkson Sq.

Top Three Happening Fashion Events in USA


Fairy Tale Fashion:

The event started from 16 January, 2016 and will continue till 19 February, 2016. As the name suggests, the event will showcase the beautiful and extravagant dresses from the twelve most pronounced fairy tales of the times, including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Some of the top labels in the industry, Comme des Garcons, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Undercover, etc,  have come together to reincarnate eight new looks, where the highlight of the show will be a brief history of the fairy tale, while interpreting its direct reference with fashion. Now, it’s definitely something to look out for. Special Exhibition Gallery, in the Museum Fit NY is hosting this magnanimous event.

Top Three Happening Fashion Events in USA


Dressing Downton: Changing Fashion for Changing Times:

The timeline for the show is set out to be from 9 February, 2016 to 9 March, 2016. The Driehaus Museum, Chicago, is hosting the sixth and final season, where the event is showcasing some of the popular costumes from the epic period British television series titled, Downtown Abbey. The Cosprop costume house in London is bestowed with the honor of preparing these award winning costumes. This exhibition, set on historic lines, offers valuable insight on the characters of the show, along with detailing the alterations that took Britain, by storm, in the turbulent twentieth century.  If you are a Downtown Abbey admirer, the loyalty demands you to visit the place to refresh and re energize your memories.