Top Selling Jewelry Brands in USA

Woman is considered as incomplete without a perfect jewelry item and we make use of jewelry in order to dazzle our overall look. There are so many jewelry brands present on the planet but some have very higher selling rates in The United States of America as compared to other parts of world.

Top Selling Jewelry Brands in USA


Jewelry by Tiffany is known to be use for any kind of occasion. You can also wear this jewelry during normal days. This brand offers collection for women, men and even for children. Motifs and dimensions used for the collections are totally unique and awesome as compared to other top selling brands in The United States of America. House of Tiffany is the name every American woman is well-aware of.


Chopard is very famous brand known for jewelry as well as Swiss watches. Brand uses the top finest stuff or you can say material for its collections. Signature style includes thick gold layer and genuine gemstones.


This name started its journey in the year 1893. The brand starts in Japan but is greatly in use by American women. Cultured pearls are considered as the most stunning thing about this brand. There is a very significant frequency in terms of collections. The name is tagged with finest fruits of ocean, pink conch pearls and South Sea pearls. White pearls and titian pearls are also seen in many of the collections by this brand.

Top Selling Jewelry Brands in USA


This brand was created in the year 1884 and is known world-wide. Its house is Rome based but selling rate in USA is much higher than the rest of the world. Innovative designs and traditional styles come under the heading of signature styles of Bvlgari. Finest gems along with fruity and floral motifs by this brand are loved by women of each and every class throughout The United States of America.

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This brand also deals with watches as well as jewelry. Rose is considered as the top hallmark tagged with the name of George Piaget. Bold as well as delicate designs are also the specialty of this brand.


This brand offers a wide range of jewelry items for its customers. Large stones along with huge diamonds are greatly in use by the brand. Elite class women totally love this brand because of its great use of diamonds and large stones.


Italian gold is the most stunning aspect of this brand. Cuff bracelets, Roman styles and lacy carvings have made this brand among the top selling jewelry brands in USA. Another amazing thing regarding the brand is fabric effect to jewelry. There is a very neat mattifying as well as brushing of metals in order to provide the pieces a kind of fabric effect. Jewelry by this brand is also known for its rich texture.


This brand has a very long history as it stated its journey in the year 1860. Customers are attracted to the brand because of its style as well as quality of the collection. You can see a wide variety in terms of dimensions and cuts for sure.