Top 10 USA Fashion Brands:

USA is possessed by top fashion brands present around the globe and because of these brands, USA is on top in the world of fashion. Below mentioned are top 10 famous fashion brands in USA:

Top 10 USA Fashion Brands

1. Michael Kors: Michael Kors is on the top as it is a very emerging brand throughout the planet because of its fashion lines. Sun glasses, bags, shoes, fragrances and watches by this brand are very popular. Number less visitors are having some glimpse into Michael Kors latest pieces on their official website as well.

2. Marc Jacobs: Another fashion legend present in USA is Marc Jacobs and this brand is on second number. It got international recognition because of its 10 years work experience with Louis Vuitton. Collection by this brand became more famous than its LV’s collection and in this way this fashion line became a fashion symbol in the United States of America. The brand offers bags, fragrances, watches and some other accessories.

Top 10 USA Fashion Brands


3. Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren is on third number because it also conquered the hearts of fashion lovers. This brand is very well known throughout the United States and it offers fragrances, accessories and watches. Style of the brand is timeless and this very style is its most stunning plus point.

4. Calvin Klein: As you all know that Calvin Klein has sold the brand to corporation of Phillips-Van-Heuse in the year 2002; still the brand owns same fame. Calvin Klein is still a legend of fragrance and fashion. This brand is not only famous in USA but also in Europe. Almost 200 million fragrance bottles have been sold by the brand since 1993. Sunglasses and jeans of the brand are also in great demand by Americans.

5. Vera Wang: Vera Wang worked with Ralph Lauren and designed fashion accessories. Later, she got fame for designing stunning outfits for wedding and now she is known throughout the planet. Her bridal boutiques are in London, New York, Sydney and Tokyo. Sunglasses and fragrances by Vera Wang give tough competition to other brands.

Top 10 USA Fashion Brands

6. Tony Burch: Boutiques of Tony Burch are present in USA, Middle East, Asia and Europe. The brand has great popularity among the fashion divas of United States of America.

7. Kate Spade: The brand is known for handbags and their signature store is based in New York. Other items by the brand includes: personal organizers, shoes, stationery, address books, perfumes, pajamas, raincoats, eyewear and other beauty products. Home items were later introduced by the brand which includes: bath items, bedding, decors etc. In the year 2009, ready to wear fashion line was introduced by the brand and because of this fashion line; Kate Spade’s magic enveloped the United States of America.

8. Diane Von Furstenberg: Her style statement in terms of wedding dresses is well-known throughout USA and she is on 8th number.

9. Betsey Johnson: She entered into the world of fashion through Guest Editor Contest by Mademoiselle. Her fashion line is very famous among the youth as it deals with the latest trends. Hats, scarves, handbags and other accessories are offered by the brand.

10. Tom Ford: A brand with a very strong reputation is ‘Tom Ford’. He has inspired many people because of his creative fashion mind. His fashion line deals with fragrances, fashion apparel, cosmetics, shoes, sunglasses and other fashion accessories.