Top 10 Models in USA:

Tyra Banks:

She got her first modeling assignment when she was only 17 years old. Since then, she is doing great and her name is on top in the world of fashion.

Kelly Brook:

According to many critics, Kelly Brook is listed as the top female model in United States of America. Kelly Brook has a very prominent start regarding her career. She was a fashion model when her career started. At that time, she was only 16 years old. At this age, she also won a well-known beauty contest of that time. Later, she appeared in multiple advertising campaigns for Bravissimo, Foster’s Lager, Walker Crisps and Renault Megane. She became very prominent because of her larger figure. You can also see her name in famous magazines like, FHM and GQ. Now, she is known as the top paid model in USA.

Top 10 Models in USAKristy Hume:

A famous Scottish model is Kristy Hume and she got fame when she was in her teens.  She remained a successful fashion model and her name is tagged with Gucci, Channel and Victoria’s Secret. She also did fashion campaigns in Italy for Gucci. She is based in New York and is known as fashion icon for females throughout the United States of America.

Jordan Dunn:

She is on third number in this ranking. She was born in England but she is among the top stars in fashion industry of America. She did walk for all top brands such as: Ralph Lauren, Prada and Marc Jacobs. She is also seen in and Vogue. She got much fame when she did almost 90 fashion show later in the year 2009.

Top 10 Models in USA

 Agyness Deyn:

She is 26 years old and a very stunning fashion model known throughout the America. She was born in Manchester, England and won a beauty contest of that time. She became the face of many magazines when she was 24 years old. She did very hard work and dedicated herself in advertising USA’s top fashion brands. She also has many articles written on her.

Stella Tenan:

Stella Tenant is well-known fashion model of 39 age. She saw an amazing as well as wonderful career in terms of fashion modeling. She and her talent were noticed after her shoot for a fashion magazines. Later, Stella saw a great deal of attention in terms of nose piercing.

Boss models:

Boss is also among those models that got fame in their teens. Her name is tagged with Elite Model Management. Later, she became a prominent catwalk model. You can see her in different modeling projects like Vogue Paris etc.

Top 10 Models in USA

Kate Moss:

She started her career when she was 14 years old. Her face was selected for quickly shoot photography by different photographers. She has a very super thin type of body that is absolutely perfect for a female fashion model. Now she is known in every part of America by all fashion lovers.

Lilly Donaldson:

She is 38 years old and is face different top brands. She also did multiple commercials of America’s top brands.

Lisa Snowden:

She is 39 years old fashion model and done so many modeling projects. Her named is prominently tagged with Harper’s bazaar and Vogue.

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