Top 10 Jewelry Trends in USA for 2016

Layered chains and Long Necklace:

Necklaces are loved by each and every woman. Necklace comes in different sizes. These are both heavy and large according to the customers’ choice. Latest trend in USA in terms of necklaces and chains is about to come. This trend is about layered chains and long necklaces. Metallic chains will also be seen in this year (2016). These chains will come in multiple short and long lengths.

Top 10 Jewelry Trends in USA for 2016

Multiple Rings:

Multiple rings were in throughout the previous year but this trend will also be in fashion in the present year as well. This will be in because girls just love to wear more than two rings in their fingers. This look gives a very funky kind of look to your hands for sure.

Hand Bracelets:

Hand bracelets are not in the list of old fashion as these are introduces recently. Old fashion was to wear bracelets around wrist but in now the trend has been changed. Now fashion lovers are seen wearing bracelets on their hands. These kinds of bracelets come in different shapes and sizes. Some bracelets are very simple but some cover your entire hand in order to provide you people with a very catchier kind of look.

Simple Earring:

Wearing a pair of earring is a very traditional as well as old fashion trend among females but now single earring is famous. The earrings are normally large in size as compared to those traditional ones.

Top 10 Jewelry Trends in USA for 2016

Pendant Earrings:

These earrings are also new in the fashion world. Pendant earrings are most loved by celebrities as well as models but now these earrings are going to be in the fashion list of a common girl as well. These earrings are known as pendant earrings. The length of these earrings cane easily touches your shoulders.

Tribal inspired necklace:

These necklaces are oversized as compared to simple necklaces. Long, heavy and tribal essences are the words that are directly tagged with tribal inspired necklaces. These necklaces got inspiration from famous tribal jewelry. If you want to give your personality a handcrafted touch then this jewelry is going to rock you overall look for sure.

Crystal jewelry:

In this year, you will see jewelry made up of crystal and leather. Other materials are also going to be in touch such as: textile, wood and plastic. Crystal jewelry enhances the look of your dress.

Leather Jewelry:

Leather jewelry is also among the choices of fashion lovers and will be greatly seen in this year.

Geometric Jewelry:

This type of jewelry comes in geometrical designs as well as shapes. This jewelry is considered as most dominating one as compared to all other kinds of jewelry. This jewelry piece will let you have most fashionable as well as elegant kind of look at any event.

Golden details:

Women just love golden detail as these details are known to give luxurious look. Golden details always compliment your entire look. You will find these details in necklaces, cuffs, earrings, chokers and rings. These details totally sparkle your look for sure.