Top 10 Hair Color Trends for Women 2016


1 – Dip-dyed Hair

Dip-dyed hair is very common especially among models and celebrities. Common colors that are going to be in fashion this year are: purple, lavender, pink and baby blue. You can make your hair dip-dyed hair by choosing any of the above mentioned colors. This trend will be in throughout the year.

Top 10 Hair Color Trends for Women 2016

2 – Grey color

Grey color always provides you people with a very unique look. You can dye you hair completely with any of the shade of grey. You can also for just highlights or low lights. This color will change your entire look and will enhance your personality. Different celebrities also go for having this color on their hair. Rihanna is one of them.

3 – Baby lights

Baby lights come in the list of hottest color trends. This hair color trend is not old as it seen since very short time. Many celebrities love this style very much as these highlights are considered as a kind of natural lights. These looks like natural highlights. It is so because our original hair color is just two shades darker than this baby lights color. In this way, the color looks so natural.

4- Blonde Hair

Do you have a brown hair and want to get a lighter color or blonde hair and want to make it darker? If your answer is yes, then you have to go for blonde which is one of the most noteworthy hair color trends that you are going to find in the next year. Blonde is a mixture of brunette or brown and blonde and it is considered to be perfect for all women especially those who have blonde hair or brunette hair and want to get a new look with a simple change.

Top 10 Hair Color Trends for Women 2016

5- Strawberry Blonde

You will see strawberry blonde till the end of this year for sure. This color will remain in the list of top 10 hairstyle trends of 2016. Celebrities even start having these blonde hairstyles. Nicole Kidman is among one of these celebrities.

6- Deep Chocolate

Deep chocolate is the love of each and every fashion lover as it provides you people with a very exuberant kind of look. Before having this type of hair color this year, make sure that your skin tone matches it. Otherwise, you will totally opposite results than you expected.

Top 10 Hair Color Trends for Women 2016

7- Platinum Blonde

This color will also remain in this year. Scarlett Johansson and Lady Gaga are always seen with blonde hair shades.

8- Dark Auburn

This color is also called reddish brown as it is a very strong mixture of brown and red. If you aim is to make your style among the cattier ones then dark aubum will be a perfect choice.

Top 10 Hair Color Trends for Women 2016

9- Copper Red

Copper red color is absolutely perfect for those females who have a very fair skin complexion. This color has a very neatly blend of red as well as copper. This color is not new in this line but is still in use. You will also see it till the end of 2016. This color is also used for highlights and lowlights but complete transformation of hair with this color is totally out of this world.

10- Other hair color trends

You will see many other hair color trends later in the year such as: silvery white, opal hair, pastel hair, rainbow hair colors and highlights of balavage.

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