Top 10 Beard Styles for Men 2016:

Stubble beard

These beard styles for those men who are very busy and do not want to waste much time in styling their beard. There is short hair in this type of beard and can be suitable for each and every male. Many celebrities are caught by the camera in this type of beard.

Top 10 Beard Styles for Men 2016

Stubble beard and short hairstyle

Those men who have very short hairstyle, this beard can be their option. Short hair with stubble beard will make an absolutely stunning look.

Hipster beard

Every male just loves to have Hipster beard because this beard style can easily be wearable in winters as well. It is so because this style of beard keeps your face very warm as beard covers the face. This beard style is not very common as compared to all others kinds of beard because it is very thick. Men of all ages can surely wear this type of beard in order to look fashionable.

Business \ Office beard

Office beard is also known as business beard and is considered ideal for working class. Those males who are working in office can wear it for sure. This beard gives them a very sophisticated kind of look during their work. This beard is little bit longer as compared to that of stubble beard.

Top 10 Beard Styles for Men 2016

Beard with long hair

There are majority of men who just love to have long hair. These men have an issue that if they keep on having long hair then they think that they are having a feminine kind of look. In this way, they are in need of a masculine touch. Beard serves its purpose here. When they grow beard with long hair then their look becomes absolutely awesome. By doing so, they can maintain their masculine look with their favorite long hair style for sure.

Beard with man bun & top knot

Those men who have long hair love to make top knots or bun. If they grow a light beard with this hairstyle then can surely rock their look. You can have a very celebrity or model like look by doing so.

Chinstrap beard

Some men do not want to have a beard that covers majority of their face. Here, they can go for chinstrap beard because this beard does not cover major part of your face. You can surely opt for this style of beard. It only covers a very small part and you can customize its thickness as well.

Top 10 Beard Styles for Men 2016

Beards in different colors

Common colors seen in beard are black, brown and blonde but some other uncommon colors are also in fashion. Different people have different taste and some people just want to make themselves prominent among others. In this way, they try to do experiments with their looks. Experiments with beard also come in this topic. You can surely choose any of the amazing or funky color for your beard.

Winter beard

Winter beard is also very thick and keeps your face warm throughout the winter season.

Other beard styles

Some other styles of beard will also be in fashion in the year 2016. These beard styles include: full beard, beard and medium hair, customized beard and beard and backcombed hair.