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MacBook pro 2016: Alternatives

MacBook pro 2016: Alternatives If you are here chances are you are looking to buy yourself a new laptop, but cannot decide what could be a better choice than an overly pricy Apple flagship. Let’s take a look at a handful of laptops that deliver same or better performance than the Apple MacBook pro but still save your pocket from completely burning out. I believe it is safe to say the by the end of this list you will be able to make a decision and chose a laptop that doesn’t necessarily has to come from Apple. All of...

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MacBook Pro 2016: Where Apple went wrong!

MacBook Pro 2016: Where Apple went wrong! Apple’s romance with innovation and pricing is nothing new, but did Apple take it too far this year? Let’s take a closer look. The new MacBook Pro is surely a sight to behold, those wonderful bends and brightly lit retina display and obviously that revolutionary OLED panel that is supposed to boost the productivity. Everything seems like the perfect ingredients for yet another successful launch by Apple. For creative enthusiasts, the interactive control and a new way to tone and draw colors can lift a limiter on inspiration and creativity, but is...

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