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Explore the world of iPhone With iPhone 6 iPhone 6, another creation of Apple Inc. that is included in the iPhone series. It was a successor of iPhone 5 and 5s. The phone was launched with some changes in body, size, display, processor camera and much more. Most of its changes were appreciated besides the cons, and it was referred as a much better phone than previous generations. iPhone 6 price: The starting price of the phone was $649 for iPhone 6 and $749 for iPhone 6s. Pre-orders placed for iPhone 6 exceeded more than a million within its...

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Possible ways to Unlock the Killer’s iPhone are Offered to F.B.I

Possible ways to Unlock the Killer’s iPhone are Offered to F.B.I For many weeks, US government is facing a very serious issue regarding the unlocking of iPhone of a killer. According to F.B.I, the only way to unlock the killer’s phone is by taking help from the company itself. On the other hand, owner of iPhone cellular company’s owner Tim Cook refused to do so. As a result, there is a very prominent clash between these two that is; US government and IPhone Company. In other words, the clash is between the law and technology. Mr. Comey (F.B.I director)...

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John McAfee wants to help FBI to unlock Syed Farook’s iPhone

John McAfee wants to help FBI to unlock Syed Farook’s iPhone As everyone knows about the latest oven-hot news regarding court’s order to Apple and Apple’s opposition to that order. John McAfee (creator of well-known anti-virus software) turned the story by saying that he will break iPhone’s encryption. This is the same iPhone that was owned by killer Syed Farook. McAfee offered FBI to unlock the killer’s phone. A business insider published this very article regarding this offer by McAfee. Federal court of America gave orders to Apple to co-corporate with them in order to unlock the killer’s phone...

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Apple has fixed error 53 and said sorry to customers

Apple has fixed ‘error 53’ and said sorry to customers Recently, iPhone users were facing some issues regarding their handsets as there phone became totally disabled as a result of third party repairs. Apple has fixed this very issue and also said sorry to all its customers. Multiple iPhone users were experiencing some problem as their device stopped working properly. A technician who has nothing to do with Apple serviced the phone to detect the issue and “error 53” was detected. It was said by Apple that this error was a kind of very important “security measure” that is...

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iphone 6 plus Full specifications

Here we come with everyone’s favorite Apple iPhone 6 Plus as it has totally refreshed the looks of iPhone’s previous versions. Now definitely you people have some questions in your mind like when did the iPhone 6 plus come out or how big is the iPhone 6 plus etc. You will have all your questions answered in this article for sure.  iPhone 6 plus release date is 19 September 2014.  In the year 2014, Apple introduced Apple Watch and iPhone 6 but the Plus version is much better than these two in regard with performance.  As of size, iPhone...

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