Possible ways to Unlock the Killer’s iPhone are Offered to F.B.I

For many weeks, US government is facing a very serious issue regarding the unlocking of iPhone of a killer. According to F.B.I, the only way to unlock the killer’s phone is by taking help from the company itself. On the other hand, owner of iPhone cellular company’s owner Tim Cook refused to do so. As a result, there is a very prominent clash between these two that is; US government and IPhone Company. In other words, the clash is between the law and technology.


Mr. Comey (F.B.I director) mentioned in a journal recently that this clash between law and technology has stimulated a great number of people throughout the planet. It is so because a great number of master minds are working on this issue in order to help F.B.I. There are also some reports presented to the judge regarding the alternative methods of unlocking this very device of killer. All these proposals have proposed that the case is now a serious matter even among the public too. Andrew Crocker who is known to be as Electronic Frontier Foundation’s lawyer has said that these kinds of cases are normally kept secret. This foundation or you can say organization is meant to be run for digital rights. He also mentioned that people do not have any kind of idea regarding these serious matters. He said that more people are attracted toward this case because of the public oriented nature of this very case.

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Justice Department of United States of America has received another appealing proposal in terms of the unlocking issue. As a result of this offer, court has delayed its next hearing. Still, the third interfering party did provide the solution yet and no one is sure about the outcomes of their unlocking method.  According to the court, US government needs to wait for few days to see what the third party is about to do.

The Justice Department of United States has declined to comment on this new chapter of the case. The agency is not considered to legally obligate for this kind of revealing.

Apple Company said that it has declined very clearly for the speculation on the actions as well as methods used by F.B.I. in order to solve this case. The Silicon Valley Company is also in news as it has expressed some doubts regarding the government and this case. According to this company, US government could never find any way or solution to unlock killer’s iPhone.

Government has tried number less ways in order to unlock the phone of killer. So many unlocking tools have been used by the authorities for this purpose but those all tools did not help them to unlock the device. Not even a single tool could help the US government. Different parties are now in news for claiming that they could help the government for the unlocking task but no did much till now. We have to wait few more days to see what this new party came with it.