We do not have any idea regarding our awfulness in terms of passwords. Almost all of us use to rely on passwords and all these passwords are very weak. A 5 or 6 year old kid can easily crack our password because we keep on making use of very simple as well as common passwords. SplashData (a well-known software developer of password management) released a study this week and according to this very study, consumers set simple passwords that increase the risks of profile hacking. According to SplashData, most commonly used passwords in the year 2015 are highlighted to be ‘starwars’ and ‘123456’.  Both are considered as the most unimaginative passwords of the year.

Password Management Apps are Highly in Demand


Dashlane (famous password management app) recently ran an audit of security. Guess what was the result? The result was totally ugly because each and every participant had only one or two passwords that they are using for each and every account. 80% of the passwords were regarded as weak and can be tracked very easily by a hacker. As a result, participants started to research over the internet in order to get a solution. Everywhere on internet is the suggestion about complex password. Everyone says to set unique as well as complex password to keep your data safe from hackers.

But how someone can remember multiple complex passwords? This is totally not possible for a common person to remember a long list of complex passwords so here is a very serious need of some kind of password manager program.  This is not the case with a common person as even Jeremiah Grossman is also not able to remember all passwords. He is WhiteHat Security’s founder and he said that he only remembers two passwords. One is for his computer and the second for his USB where all other passwords are saved. He never ever goes for remembering all other passwords as they all are random ones.

Password Management Apps are Highly in Demand


By reading the above discussion, you people also have got the idea regarding need of a password manager. Every one of us needs a password manager so that this manager could work like a password vault for us. With the help of password manager, we will be able to save numberless complex and random passwords and we just need to enter a single master password for access. For this purpose, you can surely consider the popular password management services.

These are: 1Password, Dashlane and LastPass. These three are almost similar in function. You just need to change passwords of all your accounts over the internet by following advices of experts. Make sure that all your new passwords do not contain any common phrase or any dialogue from a movie. All new passwords must be very complex so that no one can imagine them. Then you have to save these passwords to any of the password management app and set a master password to open the app or service. 1Password is mostly recommended because it offers a more reliable user experience for you people.

Source : http://www.password.com