New Audi TT and Audi TTS unveiled with New Virtual Cockpit

The new Audi TT doesn’t sport a new design on the outside but it also features a revolutionary virtual cockpit which moves the entire media system.


Audi had unveiled the new Audi TT and Audi TTS at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014. It was a big success as far as automobile industry is concerned.

New Audi TT and Audi TTS unveiled with New Virtual Cockpit


The car is totally different from its previous models and taking clear inspiration from Audi’s recent concept of cars and Audi 8 with sharper lines and muscular profile.

Where things really get interesting is however, inside the car: Audi has introduced an all new virtual cockpit which moves the entire media and navigation system behind the wheel in the form of a large dashboard.

The display can show you anything like road pavements, traffic hazards well in advance. Moreover, in-depth car settings will let you adjust the lightning profile of Audi TT’s Matrix LED headlights. That gives Audi a clear edge over other luxury automobiles.

The size of Speedo-counter and revo changes with three modes of Audi.

ü  Classic mode gives both speed and rev counter on equal screens,

ü  Infotainment reduces the size of both,

ü  While for those who select Audi TTS, will find “Sport” mode, in which both dials dominate the display.

Unmatched Interior:

The system can be controlled either via newly wheel-mounted control panel or by Audi’s traditional MMI interface located just below gear stick. Audi has not only retained the iconic turbine air-conditioning vents, but brought them into the digital age by designing the controls within the vents themselves.

By the way, if speed is your ultimate goal, then Audi TTS is the right choice for you. It consists of 2.0litersTFSI which produces 310BHP, which will sprint the car 0-60mph within 4.5seconds.

Honda Civic 2014 Had Surprised its Competitors

New Audi TT and Audi TTS unveiled with New Virtual Cockpit


The Honda Civic is in its tenth decade of sale in America – and with the new Sedan, that has just arrived, it will redefine the image of luxury cars.

It catches every eye due to its clean sheet design, a stiff new body, efficient new engines and a heavy dose of safety technology. Honda is known for a record selling brand Sedan. Once we look at the performance, it can easily wear a Premium badge.


The Sedan’s spacious cabin has six-footer room in the back, which shows a lot of clever storage solutions. It is a mid size vehicle and not that much compact. The interior space and comfort matters more than anything else, and here too the Sedan excels. The front two seats have very low starting position, but they are height adjustable. The dash is very low, which gives Sedan the clearest visibility. In the seat comfort, the Sedan out performs all cars.


Once it comes to technology, the Sedan is very well equipped. It has standard power features, environment friendly fuel system, an electronic parking brake, a USB port. Moving up the Sedan adds a 7 inch touch screen interface. Moreover, 17-inch wheels, leather, with an option for Garmin navigation.

Source :  Auditt information