Latest Spring Summer Collection by Moon Young Hee at Paris Fashion Show 2016:

Here we come with Moon Young Hee’s latest pieces of creativity where she has proved herself again regarding her frame of mind. Moon Young Hee is a very well known Korean fashion designer who is based in Paris. She recently opened her flagship store near Seine. This flagship store is having an exuberant variety of outfits. All these outfits are tagged with beautiful tailored volumes along with handsome fabrics. She scaled back all the swathes as well as flurries of fabrics used for this very purpose.

Latest Spring Summer Collection by Moon Young Hee at Paris Fashion Show 2016

We are talking about Hee’s latest spring summer ready to wear collection for the year 2016. In this collection, she made use of binary palette of white and black because she wanted to express emotions or you can say sentiments. She did this without overpowering the binary palette with a kind of dramatic flourish. You can see high waist dresses, voluminous blouson, wide pinstripes and backward jackets. A graphic leaning has been evoked by an overlay of laces along with curling of motifs. White poplins shirts are also there to enhance the modesty of this very collection by Hee. All dresses are ready to wear dress and can be worn on any formal occasion.

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As of the Paris Fashion Show, collection totally takes the show to a new level in terms of spring summer collections. All these garments unveiled by Young Hee seemed outstanding on the runway as models dazzled the ramp showcasing the collection. Black, white and grey are primary colors used for all outfits in order to give them a sophisticated yet elegant look. Palazzos, loose shirts, jackets, long coats and short dresses are central stars revolving around the collection. Sleeveless dresses are preferred here in majority of dresses to show modernity in feminism. Overall, dresses are elegant and at the same time presenting an image of modern women. Basically, the collection is meant to be for professional purpose as a modern woman needs to look like a fashion icon during her working hours too.

Latest Spring Summer Collection by Moon Young Hee at Paris Fashion Show 2016

Hee designed these dresses by keeping in mind the needs of a professional woman. Dresses are designed in a way that they fulfill the needs of both the profession as well as fashion. Dresses are very stylish yet not too much away from a casual working dress look. Another interesting thing about this collection is the style of dresses. Hee made use of masculine shapes dresses to sparkle a modern look in the collection. In simple words, the dresses are somehow like bossy outfits. This collection came on last number at Paris Fashion Week for the year 2016 because this collection had to wind up the show. Still, the audience was not bored as they were totally amazed with the stunning spring summer collection by Moon Young Hee. All outfits from this fashion line are now available at all Young Hee’s stores so that you could grab your piece. Hop you like the catalog!