Latest Shoe Trends for spring 2016

Looking forward to know about upcoming shoe trends in USA? No worries at all as you are at absolute right place. Be ready for the latest trends that are waiting for you people this spring. Highlights are sporty street wear and sexy high fashion shoes. If you are living in America then you are going to have a long list of options in term of shoe wear from top class designers. Below mentioned are some highlights of upcoming fashion trends regarding shoes. Have a look:

Latest Shoe Trends for spring 2016



Where classy meets comfort, oxford shoes are there. These shoes use to give a very sophisticated kind of look and a special craftsmanship is used for them. You will see them in upcoming months for sure as none of the season goes without delicate Oxford shoes. These are considered as best for college students.

Bright White:

All fashion lovers totally love to wear white in any sense for sure. As spring is tagged with colors everywhere, a white pair of shoe can give a very trendiest look with any dress. If you are wearing a colorful dress then why not to consider white shoes? You will never go wrong with polished as well as sleek styles ahead in summer.

The Block Heel:

A chunky heel always adds more shining stars to your overall look. Block heels are ready to be on store shelves of top designers. You can pick your pair for sure.

Latest Shoe Trends for spring 2016



Sneakers are in since long and this trend can never come to an end. Sneakers can give you a very chic look especially if you are wearing them with street style outfit. Every season, top brands use to provide us with funky prints regarding sneakers. You will see them again this season.


Rainbow Hues:

Rainbow hues are loved by every fashion diva especially when it comes to shoes as no one can resist him or herself from noticing the colors. Bright as well as bold pair will be in during spring for you people. Most awesome plus point of these rainbow hues is that you can wear these shoes with any outfit. So be ready for these fun options by your favorite designers.

Latest Shoe Trends for spring 2016



Every model and actress just loves these pointed-toe shoes and this style is in for last many months. You will also see these trendy shoes in upcoming season as well. Western influences and metallic laces will be there along with this shoe silhouette. You will not stop yourself from having a pair of these sexy pointed-toe shoes this season.

Mules and Slides:

Mules and slides are considered as the best to slip on feet and at the same time, are the trendiest ones. If you are a fashion fan and want some change this spring then you can consider these shoes for sure.


Lace-ups are loved by every shoe lover and are known to be tagged with sex appeal. These shoes are also going to be on shoe store shelves this season. No one could imagine her shoe collection without lace-ups.