John McAfee wants to help FBI to unlock Syed Farook’s iPhone

As everyone knows about the latest oven-hot news regarding court’s order to Apple and Apple’s opposition to that order. John McAfee (creator of well-known anti-virus software) turned the story by saying that he will break iPhone’s encryption. This is the same iPhone that was owned by killer Syed Farook. McAfee offered FBI to unlock the killer’s phone. A business insider published this very article regarding this offer by McAfee.

John McAfee wants to help FBI to unlock Syed Farook’s iPhone

Federal court of America gave orders to Apple to co-corporate with them in order to unlock the killer’s phone but the company has refused to do this. As a result, Mr. John McAfee offered FBI to help them. Most exciting part of this offer is that McAfee is offering this help without any charge or fee. This very offer hits the headlines of news while Mr. McAfee was on his campaign for US Libertarian Party. He is a prominent part of this campaign because he is a well-known presidential candidate in United States of America. He wrote an article where he mentioned that he and his team needs only 2 to 3 weeks to unlock this iPhone.  Experts have different opinions in this regard. Majority of experts are very skeptical of this offer by Mr. McAfee. Graham Cluley (security expert) is also one of these experts as he said that, hacking an iPhone is a very difficult task.

According to Graham Cluley, FBI is not showing any interest in this regard as they clearly want precedent set up. According to this set up, there should be ban on all those locks that are not meant to be unlocked.

In Mr. McAfee’s article, he has pointed out that he is interested in unlocking the killer’s phone. He also supports Apple’s decision to not unlock the device. He does not want implementation of ‘back door’ by Apple. (‘Back door’ is a process with the help of which, data is accessed from an encrypted device by security services). This ‘back door’ is what the court has ordered Apple to make. Tim Cook who is CEO of Apple has declared opposition to this order because he does not want to break company’s rule. According to him, if the company makes a ‘back door’ in order to unlock the killer’s phone then it will be very easy for criminals to hack iPhone device of the targeted person.

On the other hand, Mr. John McAfee has an opinion that the data of criminal’s iPhone can be retrieved by using some alternative means as well. Details about these statements are still not given by him yet. Another shocking and strange statement by McAfee is also talk of the town. He said that he will eat his own shoe if he could not be able to unlock the phone. All these statements are still mere statements and nothing practical is seen yet. No one knows whether the killer’s iPhone will be unlocked or not. We just have to wait for an unspecific period of time to know what will happen next in this regard.