Instagram is Supposed to Change the Feed (Personalizing it with a new Algorithm)

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are known to be the co-founders of Instagram. According to Mr. Systrom, Instagram users are not getting a great number of posts in their news feed. From recent few years, Instagram users are having news or posts from their friends in a specific order. This order is same as those of Twitter and Facebook. Whenever you refresh the feed page, you see the most recent posts on the top. With back scrolling, users use to have all the old stuff.

Instagram is Supposed to Change the Feed (Personalizing it with a new Algorithm)

Feeds have evolved greatly because the number of our online friends or buddies has grown to a very great number plus, all social media companies now very well matured. In the year 2009, Facebook was in news because of changing of its algorithm in terms of news feed. New algorithm of Facebook totally based on the post’s popularity. Most popular posts are on the top as compared to all other signals. Twitter is not less than other social media networks because it has also changed its algorithm last month. It s algorithm is based on the popular as well as older posts. This type of algorithm helps the users to get a glimpse into the popular news even if they are not in touch with their account for few days.

Now the turn was of Instagram as it has also joined this very club on Tuesday. Instagram has made some changes in its algorithm and this change is based on personalized feed. This change is very much similar to that of the Facebook one. This change will place the most desirable videos as well as photos on the top of news feed. No matter when these photos or videos were uploaded. This change is totally based on what the users prefer to views from their friends regardless of the time. For instance, if you are travelling somewhere without any access of internet and your best friend posts photo of his or her wedding then you can surely view these picas on the top of your news feed even after few hours. This posting is based on the interaction history of you and your Instagram friends. In this way you will never miss any important update from your most interacted Instagram friend for sure.

Social networking sites have to take this step because the number of social network users is in billions and people want to have glimpse of each and every important news. Instagram has round about 500 visitors on daily basis. On the other hand, Facebook is home to 1.59 billion users on monthly users. Because of such a great number of users, it is necessary to deal with the content for each and every user. This dealing must be on minute basis.

We are talking about Instagram algorithm change because Instagram users were continuously having just 30 percent of posts. Changed algorithm by Instagram will now help users to have each and every important or popular news in this 30 percent. In this way, users will never remain unaware of any important update from their friends. This 30 percent will cover all important stuff for sure.