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Hillary Clinton’s Memorable Fashion Moments of the Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s Fashion Moments of the Presidential Campaign A lot of people were torn in two when it came to the presidential elections of 2016. Americans were mourning the fact that they did not have a candidate( namely Hilary Clinton) they could support wholeheartedly, and are now mourning the fact that they will soon be governed by someone that most people up until the results considered to be a bit of a joke. Regardless of serious matters, the presidential campaign did have a lot of memorable moments, not to mention some inspiring fashion moments from Hillary Rodham Clinton. Have...

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Top 10 fashion Designers of all time

Top 10 fashion Designers of all time In this article you see all time top 10 fashion designers list and Details. These all fashion Designers belongs to United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Italy, france and New Zealand. See details below about these famous Designers. 06. Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent became popular in fashion world. He was born in July 1961, Paris, France. Yves one of the most famous designers in france. Yves was the first designer to introduce power dressing for women in the year 1966. Below is Yves different brands name : Yves Saint...

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Styling Tips for Wearing Leopard Print

Styling Tips for Wearing Leopard Print  Animal prints are loved by each and every fashion lover because these prints are totally timeless and are in fashion since long. Wearing an animal print is regarded as a very chic way of dressing as it can totally rock your overall look. This print is recommended to all those ladies who are not willing to spend much money to order trendy. If you wear a simple animal print then you can definitely look trendy without wasting a lot of money on other expensive clothes. These prints can let you have a very...

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Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls Skinny look is only good for supermodels because they have to be fit in each and every cloth for the sake of advertisement. Besides models, an average girl also wants to have such skinny body and they starve themselves in order to get this look. All these girls are always advised to not go for skinny appearance as they just need to be smart enough. There are also a great number of those females who are naturally skinny and worry about their clothing issues. These girls want to look good in any type of...

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Wear Gladiator Sandals with any Outfit

Wear Gladiator Sandals with any Outfit Gladiators are always tagged with trendy look because these can add compliment to your dress. These shoes are not new as these are in fashion since very long and are timeless. These shoes have flat soles along with thin straps and are available in number less materials as well as styles. You can wear these sandals with any of your favorite outfit because these shoes are totally versatile ones and are very comfortable to wear. Gladiator Sandals Basic Rule: You have to keep some points in mind in terms of gladiator sandals. If...

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