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Top 10 Models in USA

Top 10 Models in USA: Tyra Banks: She got her first modeling assignment when she was only 17 years old. Since then, she is doing great and her name is on top in the world of fashion. Kelly Brook: According to many critics, Kelly Brook is listed as the top female model in United States of America. Kelly Brook has a very prominent start regarding her career. She was a fashion model when her career started. At that time, she was only 16 years old. At this age, she also won a well-known beauty contest of that time. Later,...

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Top Three Happening Fashion Events in USA

Top Three Happening Fashion Events in USA: The major metropolitan in USA are going through a season of fashion festivity…..Have a look at some of the latest auspicious ongoing fashion events!!!!! Fashion events enjoy a unique and special place in the vogue circles. The idea of arranging fashion events has received warm reception from the glamorous and stylized contemporary societies all around the globe. The recent times have witnessed the zenith of the fashion industry. Howbeit, with the passage of time, the continued growth and prosperity of this industry have taken fashion world to new unimaginable heights. Specifically, fashion...

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Latest Shoe Trends for spring 2016

Latest Shoe Trends for spring 2016 Looking forward to know about upcoming shoe trends in USA? No worries at all as you are at absolute right place. Be ready for the latest trends that are waiting for you people this spring. Highlights are sporty street wear and sexy high fashion shoes. If you are living in America then you are going to have a long list of options in term of shoe wear from top class designers. Below mentioned are some highlights of upcoming fashion trends regarding shoes. Have a look:   Oxfords: Where classy meets comfort, oxford shoes...

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Latest Spring Summer Collection by Moon Young Hee at Paris Fashion Show 2016

Latest Spring Summer Collection by Moon Young Hee at Paris Fashion Show 2016: Here we come with Moon Young Hee’s latest pieces of creativity where she has proved herself again regarding her frame of mind. Moon Young Hee is a very well known Korean fashion designer who is based in Paris. She recently opened her flagship store near Seine. This flagship store is having an exuberant variety of outfits. All these outfits are tagged with beautiful tailored volumes along with handsome fabrics. She scaled back all the swathes as well as flurries of fabrics used for this very purpose....

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