Hillary Clinton’s Fashion Moments of the Presidential Campaign

A lot of people were torn in two when it came to the presidential elections of 2016. Americans were mourning the fact that they did not have a candidate( namely Hilary Clinton) they could support wholeheartedly, and are now mourning the fact that they will soon be governed by someone that most people up until the results considered to be a bit of a joke.

Regardless of serious matters, the presidential campaign did have a lot of memorable moments, not to mention some inspiring fashion moments from Hillary Rodham Clinton. Have a look at her three most memorable outfits.

1.    Red Suit at the First Presidential Debate:

Hillary Clinton's

Hillary Clinton’s

She’s a bold woman, and it shows with her choice of this striking full red suit. The cut and details on the suit are minimal, letting the color take center stage. You can clearly see that this is a lady who does not care about dressing like a man in order to be successful. She proves in this one that it’s ok to take a chance. As long as you are comfortable and confident in yourself, it will shine through and make you own whatever you are wearing. And if whatever you are wearing happens to be this gorgeous red suit, well, you’re owning a pretty stunning look.

  1. Blue suit at a rally in Arizona

    Hillary Clinton's
    Clearly, Clinton doesn’t shy away from bold colors. The blue color shows she means business while also keeping her fashionably attired. It’s a great choice of color because it’s definitely not over the top, it’s an executive color and it also draws the eye. It’s the perfect balance between subtle and bold.

  1. Black suit with purple blouse at Concession Speech

    Hillary Clinton's
    It would appear Hillary saved the best for last in this outstanding outfit. The suit is a dull black shade with purple silk lapels and a matching purple silk blouse. She looks like a class act, which she clearly is. This suit was the highlight of the night for many people, who were completely bummed by her loss. Regardless of the political situation though, that suit demands appreciation. It is serious and somber enough for the occasion, yet anything but boring or dowdy. We’re also not missing the color of Bill’s tie, which seems like a nice nod of support from the former president.