Fashion is not Only Fashion it’s all Addiction Now:

It’s in human nature that he always wants change in life in order to look different and appreciated he keeps practicing different styles, like change in clothing, footwear, makeup, hairdo etc and no doubt to certain extent he satisfies himself by such diversities.

Fashion is not Only Fashion it’s all Addiction Now



Fashion has gone through changes in this century and especially in women’s fashion, in the dressing and adorning the hair, accessories became equally complex. Fashion, by definition, is a change and it’s almost standing alone in comparison with other paces of life as long as change is concerned.


The way how people dress up shows their taste and choice. Starting from the ordinary one to the branded ones. Especially women are most affected species in the name of fashion. When we talk about western fashion we see how drastically the fashion is changed in the past century. From mini skirts to maxi, dress shirts to T-shirts, flapper to jeans, everything is changed in a slight manner. If we have a look at the fashion trends in the beginning of the century how different fabrics were introduced like chiffon, velvet, silk, nylon etc. casual to formal wear. These days we see the trendy T-shirts expressing individuality and a person’s tastes and preference with impish phrases, humorous pictures, or pop culture references appearing more in the majority.


Foot wears have their own significance. There is a huge variety of foot wear available for each class of people. They are also categorized as casual and formal. Their main purpose is to protect the feet and to give them comfort. If the shoes you wear are not comfortable they certainly spoil your mood. Regardless of what you are wearing if the shoes don’t either match with the dress or unable to provide comfort then it is of no use. So we can say that shoes also play a vital role in clothing process.


This is typically ladies choice what kind of accessories they want to carry with them. There are a gigantic range of bags, purses, clutches, bangles, rings and hats etc. Some women think their handbags should match their shoes whereas the latest research in fashion reveals that there is no such rule. It is all about the matter of ease and comfort. Bracelets, rings and earrings are also a part of these accessories. Matching earrings are very trendy. Many different colorful gems are being used in the jewelry to make it look appealing and alluring. Hats are also used by different women usually from royal families. It is seen that wearing variety of hats in west is just a tradition not a requirement.


Different techniques and products in makeup industry are launched with a slogan of making you beautiful. No doubt, it’s a powerful art which can completely change the appearance of a person. Women’s nature to look diversified has played a vital role in this art. Men’s interest towards makeup can be recognized by seeing the number of male makeup experts around us.