Defend yourself from Online Creepy Ads with These Tools:

Almost all of us are fed up with online ads as these ads are very creepy. People think that the similar content of these online ads is a kind of coincidence. There is no coincidence because people are always followed by digital ads on internet. Different advertisers place some trackers on websites. These trackers are invisible and a visitor is not able to see them. Main goal of these trackers is to collect details from all those pages where you go. Then these details are used in order to serve all targeted ads especially to your Smartphone and computer.

Defend yourself from Online Creepy Ads with These Tools

Almost 80% of marketing companies use to track people or users on various devices and all these devices are connected to internet. This tracking by marketing companies has become a kind of holy grail. As a result, these companies face a very complex process because they do not have any kind of direct relationship with users.  All great tech companies have this very relationship with people. According to a recent report, only 6-7% of marketing companies are able to track a person on all those devices that are in use of that person. A very well-known firm named ‘eMarketer’ has conducted this research. Still, every advertiser is looking forward to achieve this goal.

So when you are about to start protecting yourself? This is the best time for a reliable head start on protecting yourself in terms of web snoops. There are different companies around the globe that use to offer some very helpful tools. These tools are extremely helpful if you want to obscure all of your digital footprints. These digital footprints are prominently tagged with web browsing.

Companies researched a lot and then tested some top tracker blockers to solve this issue. Results of these tests had variations. These top trackers are Disconnect, Privacy Badger, Red Morph and Ghostery. As a result of these tests, it was declared that “Disconnect” is the top reliable app in order to protect you from online ads. All these tools or you can say apps were kept under testing procedure by using Google Chrome. Chrome tested these four apps on some top news websites. These website include: CNN, The New York Times, Yahoo and The Huffington Post.

All tracker busters usually work in a same manner. You just need to download them and then install a reliable and efficient add-on for your preferred browser such as Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. Each and every anti-tracking company uses to compile a very detailed list of common or you can say famous web domains. These domains are known to serve trackers. These domains also show some patterns regarding the tracking services. As a result, when a person connects to a specific website then these ad blocking tools starts protecting the browser. This protection is done by stopping the ads to land specific elements. These elements are supposed to match the targeted blacklist.

App ‘Disconnect’ is picked up as the most reliable ad blocking app. because it is considered as a very simple to understand app. It blocking services are done under categories like, social media, advertising, content and analytic.