Cracking the Missing iTunes Files Mystery

When your files whether they are important or not get moved from the specific or you can say original locations other than iTunes then the program really do not have any idea about what to do. Program is totally not able to find all these missing files again. As a result, an alert is issued whenever a person attempts a try in order to get back or relocate the track. People may also read a specific message if the missing music or track was originally stored somewhere else on network or an external drive. This message is shown if the drive that is not connected to your PC at that time. You can also have this message box even if you have deleted all the original stuff.

Cracking the Missing iTunes Files Mystery

In order to see where the iTunes are trying to look for all missing tracks or files then you can do some steps in order to get back your files. Select the track you have missed and then your second step is to press the Control key along with the I keys on PC or Windows. For Mac, press I key and Command key. After this, an info box regarding the missing track will be open on the screen. Here, you need to select the File tab and a last known location in terms of your missing track will be mentioned at the bottom of this info box.

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You can also use this very info in order to get all your iTunes back if they are missing and you are unable to find them. If your files are moved to some unknown location accidently such as: to Trash or to the Recycle Bin then you can still find them back for sure. You just need to click Control key in the selected folder or file. You can also go for right-click in order to do so. Then you will have to select one option in terms of restoration of missing file. It is totally up to you that whether you want the file to be stored on Mac or on Windows.

If each and every track in the library of your iTunes is missing and showing an exclamation error on opening it then it means that the program has almost missed the location of all these iTunes original location. This situation can easily happen in cases where users copy the folder of iTunes to another external drive in order to free up some space on PC. Pressing the comma as well as Control keys can be very helpful in this situation. For Mac users, comma and Command keys will be helpful in order to open the preference box of iTunes. Then Click the tab showing some advancements and navigate to the new location of missing folder on any external drive. If you still do not get any of your content even after the iTunes program’s update then there can definitely be some issue with the iTunes Library file of the program. There are multiple ways proposed by Apple to solve this very issue for your people.