What’s new in Fashion?? What’s in limelight these days?? What should I wear this evening?? All this and much more are always there in a woman’s mind. Sometimes it is very hard to decide amongst a vast variety of dresses. But now, you don’t need to worry as being a part of fashion world is not difficult.


What is In???

Well, now it’s really easy to get connected and get the latest news about fashion, upcoming fashion shows, celebration of the celebrities, when an award ceremony is going to take place and who is the hottest celebrity out there?

How to be a part of Fashion World

Nothing can be termed as impossible now. Here is a simple way to connect with Vogue WhatsApp group. By joining this group,  you will start receiving messages about the latest updates on every event related to fashion. You will be able to see the latest catwalks, latest dresses by the discriminating designers.

We are not fishing for compliments, but our knowledge of fashion trends in the world, is second to none.

How to get connected?

There is a number provided at the end of this column. To be a member of this group you just need to send a message FASHION and you will be subscribed as our new member. Make sure that the message should be sent ONLY via Whats App to become a considerate subscriber. Moreover we are available on facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



What do we have to share?

We have a lot to share with our readers. Here are some of the highlights from the later Vogue issue:

ü  Adele Laurie, an English song writer, on reputation, motherhood she never listens to her own songs. She had written all the songs of her debut album. Although her new album is breaking all previous records, but after being a mother, she doesn’t have time to listen to her own songs.

ü  Bitney Spears, took a break from her grueling Vegas Schedule to endorse her. She went to see Hillary Clinton on Thursday night. She felt honored to meet Ms. Hillary. According to Instagram pictures, they were found enjoying each other’s company.

ü  Blake Lively, has been known to do multiple wardrobe switches in the same day, but it was her bag that stole the show. She has been in the news for her newly designed dresses by the top designers of U.S. But in New York, her bag from Chanel Pearl that which grabbed the attention of all people around.

ü  Lady Gaga, has her poker face on, as she walks to the runway at Marc Jacobs HQ.

How to leave the group

You are not restricted to be the member always. In case you are willing to quit from the group you can easily exit the group in the same way of leaving a group simply by clicking on Exit option.