Black Friday : Tech Hunt (part 1)

So, it’s no shave November which kicked off on the back of Halloween and it’s nearing perhaps one of the most desired week for shoppers all year. Black Friday is coming fast and those of you who are unfamiliar with what that is, it’s a sales event on which you can hunt for merchandise and get loads and loads of discounts and save hundreds of bucks.
But here at Fashion Tech Guru we are mostly interested getting our hands on the latest tech at a cheaper price. We compiled a list of what we think are the best things to buy if you are a tech-freak, or are just looking to get yourself a good treat of gadgets.

Number 5:

MacBook Pro:

Apple recently released one of the latest personal computers and needless to say one of the most desired ones. With a new take at productivity, the touch bar is quite an addition to the latest MacBook Pro. However, Apple’s latest notebook is going to burn a hole in your pocket and you’ll have to be very careful before making that purchase decision. Why careful? Read this.
Regardless of the overpriced and under powered laptop, Apple still has their loyal fan base and if you fall in that category get yourself a few bucks off this Black Friday and keep an open eye as you may come across a worthy deal.

Black Friday 2016

Macbook Pro

Number 4:

Dji stuff:

  1. Dji Mavic pro

Ladies and gentlemen this is the age of drones and ariel photography and with the latest drones available right now, namely, the Karma Drone from Gopro and the Mavic Pro from Dji, you have got to grab one of those. We don’t recommend the Gopro due to its lack of features and sensors and the Gopro Hero 5 being the only good thing in it, we do, however greatly recommend the Dji Mavic Pro.

Extremely portable and wonderful build quality with loads of DJI experience on its back, it screams quality. Easy to operate and all in a small package. For hobbyists or for semiprofessionals this is the new go to Drone. Equipped with a 4k built in camera housed in a built-in gimbal provides wonderful footage. You may however need some color grading in post-production. So, keep an eye open for a deal on this great little birdie!

Dji Mavic Pro


2. Dji Osmo

Another one of Dji accessories on your shortlist must be the Dji Osmo camera. I wasn’t sure whether to include this in the camera lineup or here under the Dji tab but it did end up here.

The Dji Osmo is a handheld gimbal and camera providing 4k stabilized footage which is really good. It has an easy to operate joystick control with which you can capture any angle. A face tracking mode for them vloggers and the selfie mode, all accessible with just single or double click of the trigger. It is really easy for a one hand operation and has the smartphone holder which gives you live feed from the camera. Must have camera gadget for vlogging, hobbyists or travelers.

Dji Osmo

Dji Osmo

Number 3:

Smart Home:

  1. Samsung Smart home

Smart Homes are getting very popular and have gained pace specially in 2016. This Black Friday can be the day you switch to smart. Samsung has some wonderful equipment to transform your house in to the league of smarts. From smartphone controlled and Wi-Fi enabled security cameras to light bulbs to washing machines, almost everything can be connected and secured at your home. So, make sure you check out the sales on these as soon as the Friday hits!

Black Friday

Samsung Smart Home

2.Echo or another AI assistant

Echo is smart voice assistant by Amazon and it works wonderful. Think of it as a Siri in your house. Ask it any question or just simply name a song to play and it shall quench your queries. A good touch to add to a tech friendly house. Make sure you check out the deals on this AI assistant.

Black Friday 2016

Echo by Amazon

Number 2:


  1. Gopro hero 5, 4

Looking to buy an action camera and don’t want to pay the $500 price on the latest Gopro hero 5? Well the time is right to use those savings and bag a Gopro for less. Enabled waterproofing and video stabilization are a must have so bag it this Black Friday.

Black Friday

Gopro hero 5, Hero Session 5

2.Garmin Virbe ultra 30

If in any case you can’t purchase the Gopro Hero 5, get this one instead. Includes everything that Gopro has, but still Hero 5 should be your first choice.

Black Friday 2016

Garmin Virbe ultra 30

3. Dslrs

Dslrs are also a good thing to hunt this Black Friday. Latest cameras from all the Dslr manufacturers may offer a few bucks off so make sure you keep an eye out for them. Also, make sure to grab a few lenses as they would be on the discount list too!

Black Friday 2016

Nikons and Canons

Number 1:

Media Consumption:

  1. 4k UHD TV

4K UHD TVs are expensive but are the trending technologies. With the Latest gaming consoles out and the need for 4k displays rising this could be a good Friday to bag yourself an affordable deal and refreshing the house with ultra-sharp and vivid loves for the holiday season on coming.

By the way we recommend getting a TV from Samsung, Sony or LG as their display technologies are the best in the market right now. Huge discounts are offered on televisions so make sure you don’t miss out on this specifically.

Black Friday 2016


2. Sound system:

Get yourself a theater to go along that 4k UHD TV you bought. It only adds to the excitement and then go on and enjoy the quality music, shows or gaming. Sony probably would serve you the best in this department as their home theaters are packed with latest technology and wonderful pricing for all. Get a few bucks off of this deal.

Black Friday 2016

Sound Home Theater System

3. Headphones

Well obviously, you need the latest headphones to rock on. This is a good time to save a few bucks on these. Grab yourself a mind-blowing music accessory from Bose, Sony, Parrot or Beats and get your music covered for the holidays on coming!

Black Friday 2016