Apple has fixed ‘error 53’ and said sorry to customers

Recently, iPhone users were facing some issues regarding their handsets as there phone became totally disabled as a result of third party repairs. Apple has fixed this very issue and also said sorry to all its customers.

Multiple iPhone users were experiencing some problem as their device stopped working properly. A technician who has nothing to do with Apple serviced the phone to detect the issue and “error 53” was detected. It was said by Apple that this error was a kind of very important “security measure” that is taken in order to avoid all those transactions that are tagged with fraud.  It is reported that the company has come up with solution in this regard as software is released by Apple. This very software is meant to fix error 53.

Apple has fixed error 53 and said sorry to customers

According to the company, error 53 is the result of some sort of fail in any standard security test. This test is conducted in order to know whether the ID fingerprint scanner of the device is working properly or not. Whatever the reason was, the company has said sorry for the issue to all it customers who are facing this issue. They are completely feeling sorry for such an inconvenience by such a reliable cell phone company. Apple mentioned in its apology letter that they were not intended to create problem for customers as the test was just meant to be for some security reasons.

For those customers who have gone for warranty replacement (out of warranty) regarding their Apple device, it is suggested to them to contact the customer care service of the company in terms of a reimbursement. In order to solve this issue, company has released a software update so that all those customers of iPhone whose phone has been disabled could restore their device for sure. They can restore their services with the help of iTunes on Mac or on a PC.

At CCS Insight, Ben Wood (famous mobile analyst) said that a great deal of magic is tagged directly with error 53 in iPhone. He also mentioned that is fingerprints are in use to make all safe or you can say important data unlocked, and then someone can easily replace your device’s screen. Ben Wood said that, this very point is not good at all.

A lawsuit of class action has also been faced by Apple by a firm that is based in Seattle in regard with all those disabled phoned that were facing error 53. According to Ben Wood this very decision by Apple comes under the heading of sensible decision and he pointed out this statement while giving interview to BBC. This decision by company is appreciated by all Apple customers because now these customers are able to repair their phone on their own without facing any error. With this update by Apple, rivals have now nothing negative to say about the company. Overall, this decision is going to be good to maintain a good reputation in customer’s eyes for sure.