A Splashy Announcement by at&t for 5G Network:

AT&T has been facing a lot of pressure because of tough competition in terms of wireless market but now the company has announced its latest 5G plan. Company is expected to field-test the latest 5G network in Texas and Austin soon in this year. This announcement has placed AT&T on a very visible pace especially with its biggest business rivals.

A Splashy Announcement by at&t for 5G Network

Recently, Verizon surprised the world of telecom by that it is planning to go for 5G in the year 2017. According to industry experts, this statement was regarded as unexpected because it is totally not reasonable to announce such big news so earlier. On the other hand, AT&T resisted a me-too kind of approach as it declared the announcement by its rivals as a premature announcement. It was so because all those standards that can constitute a 5G network are not supposed to be set in next 3 or 4 years. Now, the news is different as AT&T has announced that it is absolutely ready to share its roadmap regarding 5G.  The company is currently working with Intel and Ericsson. According to reports, AT&T will start the testing round for 5G soon this spring. This testing will be a lab testing and then the company will go for some outdoor testing in this very year.

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AT&T is expecting much about its 5G network as it will hopefully deliver a good speed as compared to that by 4G. The expected speed is almost 100 times better as well as faster than that of 4G. It is also mentioned that the latest 5G network by the company will offer a very less lag especially between song download and playing a video on network etc. You can also search for a nearby restaurant with great speed. 5G network by AT&T will provide you people with a very responsive as well as fast speed and according to the company, there will be new wireless possibilities tagged with its 5G network.

Common features include: virtual reality, new experiences, self-driving cars, smart cities, robotics and much more. All these features are ready to be tested in labs. This info was given by John Donovan who is known to be as chief strategy officer of this company. He also said that our 5G network will have a synonym that is ‘reality’.

A Splashy Announcement by at&t for 5G Network

Now a question should surely come that why this company was resistant previously in this regard? It is so because announcements in terms of 5G are totally regarded as premature. Until 2020, none of the company is able to achieve the plus points of 5G in true sense. Same is said recently by a well-known wireless association CTIA in Washington, USA.

No doubt, AT&T has announced regarding 5G network but still the company used a very careful wording in this very announcement. According to company: they did not meet their goals yet and they are just about to test their work in labs. They made the announcement in such a way that no one could say something negative or opposing about their announcement. So you have to wait for some time to see what will happen next.